Sawyer – Precision & Repeatability Demonstration

Precision and repeatability are two of the main features that make Sawyer a great addition to the Rethink Robotics line of collaborative robots. Our Robotics Specialist, Justin Griffin set up a task that requires the robot to put both features to the test.

Working With Sawyer
Justin Working with Sawyer

Justin set up a task that at first glance appears to be very simple – put a bearing on the shaft and remove it. Conventional robotic arms would require hours of programming to achieve this but Justin had it running in 3o minutes.

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Sawyer was able to complete the task on a repeat with ease. It is worth noting that the task was set to “Express” mode within the Intera software which is the fastest speed option.

Sawyer is continuing to draw attention by manufacturers of all sizes. If you are interested in seeing the new “cobot” from Rethink Robotics join at one of our upcoming events or schedule a visit with Justin and Sawyer today.

Author: Tim Pelesky

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