Event Review: Introducing Sawyer at ONExia

We would like to thank everyone who joined us for our Introducing Sawyer event at our new facility in Exton, PA this past Tuesday (3/22/16). The turnout was outstanding with both the morning and afternoon sessions filled.

Introducing Sawyer
Introducing Sawyer at ONExia

Both sessions had the same agenda consisting of an introduction to from Tony ____, ____ at Rethink Robotics. Following Tony was a brief overview of the services that ONExia provides to our customers who purchase Baxter and Sawyer by our CEO Greg Selke.

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First Look at the New Collaborative Robot – Meet Sawyer

Early last week we received our Sawyer robot at our facility in Exton, PA. The latest collaborative robot from Rethink Robotics features a single arm design that can handle a higher payload and increased precision as compared to Baxter, the first robot from Rethink.

Sawyer in the ONExia Innovation Lab

I spent the morning with our Robotics Specialist, Justin Griffin as he unpacked and powered up Sawyer for the first time to get his reactions about the newest resident in the ONExia Innovation Lab.

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