Wednesday, October 30, 2013

ONExia is now partnered with Codian Robotics

Codian Robotics supplies high speed pick & place robots that do not run on a dedicated robot control system. The gearboxes and servo motors are mounted on the robot's frame and all other moving parts have a lightweight construction. This allows the robot to be dynamic and fast.
Codian robots use the control system of the customer, eliminating the need for a duplicate control system. Through this unique feature, they meet the needs of a growing demand from the market, to have one integral control system for the machine. In turn, purchase price, maintenance costs and physical space are saved. At the same time no communication is required between two control systems of different manufacturers.
Codian robots are supplied with planetary gearboxes. If required servo motors are included. Codian Robotics does not depend on working with a specific brand, but instead works with suppliers of servo motors and control systems worldwide.
Codian robots are specifically suited for the packaging industry as well as for the food and pharmaceutical industry. The Codian robots have existed since 2002 and were built by a manufacturer of robot lines. There are over 1000 robots world-wide in use.
On June 1, 2011, Codian Robotics was established as an independent company.
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Tim Pelesky
Marketing ONExia Inc