Thursday, April 24, 2014

Baxter Robot Gets New Software

Rethink releases Intera 2.1 Software for the Baxter Robot

Rethink Robotics announced today that they are releasing the latest version of software for the Baxter robot, which they are calling Intera 2.1.

See the release here:

As we previewed earlier in our “Wow!” blog post, this software up-grade significantly improves Baxter’s ability to meet human cadence rates and provides greater precision in handling parts and tasks.

In the news release, Scott Eckert, CEO at Rethink Robotics is quoted as saying, "Interactive robot technologies like Baxter are redefining the modern workforce so that safe, affordable robots can work side by side with people to make companies of all sizes more competitive.  Intera provides the platform to drive this innovation,"

Baxter is ready to go to work!

Contact us today to see how Baxter can improve your productivity and free up your employees for higher and greater tasks. We have a special introduction to the Integra 2.1 software scheduled on May 14th at the Embassy Suites in Cockeysville, MD. Or, contact us for a private demonstration.

Greg Selke
CEO ONExia Inc