Event Review: Introducing Sawyer at ONExia

We would like to thank everyone who joined us for our Introducing Sawyer event at our new facility in Exton, PA this past Tuesday (3/22/16). The turnout was outstanding with both the morning and afternoon sessions filled.

Introducing Sawyer
Introducing Sawyer at ONExia

Both sessions had the same agenda consisting of an introduction to from Tony ____, ____ at Rethink Robotics. Following Tony was a brief overview of the services that ONExia provides to our customers who purchase Baxter and Sawyer by our CEO Greg Selke.

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Sawyer – Precision & Repeatability Demonstration

Precision and repeatability are two of the main features that make Sawyer a great addition to the Rethink Robotics line of collaborative robots. Our Robotics Specialist, Justin Griffin set up a task that requires the robot to put both features to the test.

Working With Sawyer
Justin Working with Sawyer

Justin set up a task that at first glance appears to be very simple – put a bearing on the shaft and remove it. Conventional robotic arms would require hours of programming to achieve this but Justin had it running in 3o minutes.

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Adding a PLC to Expand I/O Capabilities on Baxter & Sawyer

Out of the box Baxter and Sawyer from Rethink Robotics allow users to train the robot tasks in minutes using the Intera software platform. Also included in Intera is the ability to connect a PLC to expand I/O capabilities on both collaborative robots.

ONExia I/O PLC Box
ONExia I/O PLC Box

Our engineersĀ have designed a simple to connect, simple to install solution for expanding I/O capabilities and adding a PLC to the robots. OurĀ PLC I/O Box provides 12 programmable digital inputs and 12 digital outputs. It also includes a built in operating panel with on-board I/O configuration.

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