Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Buying Baxter from ONExia

Rethink Robotics Baxter
ONExia is going above and beyond the normal sale when it comes to purchasing a Baxter. We will review the potential application and make sure that Baxter will be capable of completing every task to the best of its ability.

Services offered by ONExia:


  • ONExia will test application to make sure it is something that is best suited for Baxter.
  • The application will be documented and recorded for further review of the engineers at ONExia.
  • Results and feedback will be provided to customer to review.
  • If application and results fit a quote will be delivered.

After Sale Support

  • ONExia will be there on the day of to assist in intial setup.
  • Full training will be provided for those purchacing a Baxter.
  • ONExia will troubleshoot all issues and provide warranty repairs.

Additional Services
Custom End Effector

  • Additional training.
  • ONExia will troubleshoot and repairs that come up out of warranty.
  • Facilitate Use of Baxter
  • ONExia has the capabilities to build conveyors, grippers, and gripper modifications.
  • Tooling to facilitate parts placement and other products and services is also available.
Greg Selke
CEO ONExia Inc

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